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Beauty Talk with Charisma Carpenter, star of  Angel from In Style 1999

Sure, she's beautiful and charming (as the offbeat moniker attests), but other words would describe Charisma Carpenter nearly as well. Daring, for one: in high school, she bucked  convention and showed up in class wearing fake eyelashes and red, fringed boots. Carpenter,  who discovered her own sense of style after she moved to Mexico from Las Vegas as a  teenager, says, ďI took risks as far as fashion goes. I was brave; I dressed my own way.Ē  Today, if she had her choice, she would dye her hair a new hue every week. But her starring role as Cordelia Chase opposite David Boreanaz on the new WB series Angel, a spin-off of  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, doesnít allow for such dramatic shifts. Still, Carpenter tried to improvise to let her personality shine through. ďI know how to accentuate and how to deaccentuate my features,Ē she says.

How would you describe your style?

 Casual elegance. I wear slacks and layered tops. Calvin Klein has amazing camisoles, snug and  sheer, and they come in several colors. I wear those under a sheer white shirt or tank. I like  Darryl K pants and Earl jeans, but Mark Wong Narkís pleather pants are my newest rage. I  like anything by Vivienne Tam -- when I get married, I want her to do my dress. And I like
  Jessica McClintock and Katayone Adeli -- anything she makes is amazing.

What about makeup? What do you wear every day?

If I do the eyes, I donít do the lips. If I do the lips, then I donít do the eyes. On my eyes and cheeks, I use the blush in my Philosophy Coloring Book, which is a kit of lip glosses and brushes and shadows, all in one. This blush is called Suntan, and the kit has a pink blush too, so I take the brush to both of them and use it on my lids. Then I put on Chanel Cils Magiques
 Instant Lash mascara, and use the Coloring Book brown eye shadow as liner. On my lips, I  wear Wisdom liner and Compassion lipstick, both by Philosophy.

What do you carry in your makeup bag?

 Kiehlís lip balm, Sally Hansen top coat, a clear acrylic overlay that makes manicures last. Also  the Coloring Book, no matter where I am.

Whatís your favorite makeup trick?

 Indian Earth is one of my favorite brands; you can buy it at Rexall drugstores. Itís a clay-colored  blusher and it gives a little bit of a bronze color, like I just exercised.

You have beautiful skin. How do you care for it?

 I use Epicuren herbal scrub, which is finely granulated, and their antibacterial facial soap. When I get out of the shower, I use Aveda exfoliant, then Epicuren Enzyme Concentrate. Aveda has Balancing Infusion Treatment for sensitive skin; I put two drops in my palm and mix them with Aveda hydrating lotion and put it on my face after I shower. I also use Epicuren eye cream, and I swear by getting regular facials from Linda Ross at Epicore in Beverly Hills. I get tons of makeup put on my for television, and I think itís important that my face is clean when Iím not working.

Do you get other treatments to pamper yourself?

Manicures are the most pampering thing I do. Waxing the bikini line is definitely not pampering -- itís just maintenance.

What about hair care?

 I use three product lines and switch off. I like Itís All in Your Head shampoo, Entangles
 conditioner, and occasionally Head Trip, a deep conditioner, all by Philosophy. Or Biolage hair
 cream and conditioner -- and I put on their leave-in conditioner every time I get out of the
shower. I also use Intensives Vivid Color moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Do you feel different now that youíve had hair extensions put in?

I feel so sexy, like Lady Godiva. When I was 10, there was no better feeling than getting out of
  the bath, putting a towel on my head, running over and brushing my teeth, and feeling the towel
 on my back. Having hair down my back is such a sensual feeling, and the extensions are real
hair. It changes my energy level. I feel phenomenal with long hair.

Do you exercise to stay in shape?

I did yoga four or five days a week for eight weeks a few months ago, and everybody noticed
 the change in my body. Aches and pains are alleviated by yoga because youíre stretching and
 strengthening at the same time. If you want a toned arm, yoga totally does that.

Do you watch what you eat or do you give in to cravings?

 Iím conscientious, but when I have a craving I donít say no. I love Mexican food, Melís Diner blackout cake, and Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies -- Thin Mints. I just bought two boxes  but havenít eaten them all yet. You know what Iím really into right now that I used to hate? Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese with strawberries and bananas for breakfast. Yum!