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David Boreanaz Biography & Info

Boreanaz pronounced Bor-ee-an-naz
Plays: Angel, a.k.a Angelus
Born in: 1971
Weird Facts:
-David was inspired to become an actor by the movie The King and I
-he has naturally curly hair but straightens it when on Buffy
-David is dedicated to his fans; he actually phones them now and then.
-he claims he owes his acting career to his dog, Bertha Blue
-he hopes to produce a script sometime soon
-his closest buddy on the set is his Playstation
-he wears boxers, not breifs.
-his favorite actor is Gary Oldman
-every time he kisses Sarah Michelle Gellar, he has to buy his wife a new outfit

You might say that David Boreanaz grew up in an acting family. His father, Dave, is a
weatherman in Philidelphia. When he was four, he did a one man production of "Rumplestiltskin". David graduated from Malvern Prep in Philidelphia. He earned a degree in film. After graduating, David went to California hoping to find a career in acting. He ended up getting a job as a prop master, but he didn't like it so he left, and began doi ng jobs like house painting and handing out towels at a gym (how'd you like David Boreanaz handing you a towel at the end of the day???) He then went to do films, and ended up in Aspen Extreme and Best of the Best II. His first credited acting job was in '93, on Married With Children, as Kelly's bad ass biker boy. After that, he moved on to the movies again, and appeared in movies like Fool for Love, A Hateful Rain, Italian-American Reconciliation, and Cowboy Mouth. And, in '96, he auditioned for a show on the WB for a character called "Angel". Yup, he got the part. Infact he got the part so fast he hardly knew what the show was about. And he still plays Angel, so thats where this bio ends! Oh, except I forgot to mention that David is now married to an Irish woman and has his own show called Angel.